1. 1.
    Token Supply:
    • Total Supply: 20,000,000,000 AiX tokens
  2. 2.
  • In-Game Quest Rewards (Gaming Fuel): 400,000,000 AiX tokens (30%)
    • Direct rewards for players completing in-game quests, solving challenges, and achieving milestones, serving as the lifeblood of the gaming experience.
  • Development Guild Allocations: 100,000,000 AiX tokens (10%)
    • Allocated to the elite "Development Guild" – a community of skilled players contributing to the enhancement of the game environment, fostering a sense of collaboration and excellence.
  • Strategic Alliances Treasury: 100,000,000 AiX tokens (10%)
    • Reserved for forming strategic alliances and partnerships within the gaming industry, creating unique in-game events and exclusive content.
  • Community Creativity Fund: 150,000,000 AiX tokens (15%)
    • A dedicated fund to sponsor player-generated content, fan art, and community-driven events, celebrating the creativity of the player base.
  • Resonance Reserve: 150,000,000 AiX tokens (15%)
    • A reserve aimed at maintaining the vibrancy of the ecosystem, providing liquidity, and ensuring smooth in-game transactions.
  • Innovation Vault: 100,000,000 AiX tokens (10%)
    • A fund to spur innovation within the gaming environment, encouraging the development of novel in-game features and experiences.
  1. 1.
    Staking Rewards:
    • Legendary Staking Pool: Players can stake their AiX tokens in the "Legendary Staking Pool," earning unique in-game items, exclusive skins, and even early access to upcoming features.
  2. 2.
    Governance and Community Impact:
    • Game Changer Council: AiX holders constitute the "Game Changer Council," actively shaping the game's roadmap, voting on new quests, and proposing innovative in-game features.