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Why AiAkita?

why AIakita?
🔻Considering the use of artificial intelligence in this project and our particular interest in this industry that defines us as an artificial intelligence project, our team has chosen the prefix Ai for the name of it, which will have a high interaction with the AI industry in the future.
🔻The breed of Akita dog has a lot of loyalty among its family and relatives. The prominent and famous characteristic of this dog is loyalty. One of our reasons for choosing this breed is that we will be loyal to our family members (our community) and we will never leave them and we always want the best for them.
🔻The second reason is the guarding and protective nature of this breed, because it always starts to warn its family with the slightest sense of danger. Our project will always try to protect its family members from the hands of profiteers and scammers.
📍So AiAkita is the best choice!