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💠 What are your main goals?
Our main goal is to inform the community about the dangers in the crypto currency World and scammers (all kinds of them)
But our sub-goals are : Production of an entertaining platform based on artificial intelligence to inform people and also earn money from it
Entertaining the community with our games while earning money from it and learning from it
Integrating ai and Crypto currencies to improve our services to the community
And other goals that we will reach in the future ...
💠 Why did you choose this path?
First of all, this is a new idea. We decided to design a platform based on knowledge and information in this field and at the same time fun , and profitable , all to increase the knowledge of people due to the many scams in the projects , and seeing the loss of innocent people. And with many reviews on our road map and making sure that we have the ability to do this, we started to produce this attractive project .
So it's a win-win
💠 Can you talk about the role of artificial intelligence in your project? How will you use AI technology to achieve your goals of educating and protecting Web 3 users?
In the first step, we want to design a responsive platform to inform our users of the risks and provide the necessary guidance through this platform. But with the passage of time and the next updates of this responsive platform, we aim to have a better and more accurate response about each project by connecting it to reliable global platforms and having project information. and minimize the possibility of fraud ... But that's not all ...
💠 Are all NFTs worth the same?
All NFTs are valuable but their value is not the same,
⚠️ the Rarity of the collection is explained below :
Explorers ➡️ Protectors ➡️ Loyals
⚜️ Loyals are the most rare ones
Also inside them , there are other rarity floors ...
Explorers : Players ➡️ Chemist ➡️ Healer 🔅 Healer is the most rare one here
Protectors : Silver protector ➡️ Pro protector ➡️ Master Protector 🔰Master protector is the most rare one here
Loyals : Guards ➡️ ministers ➡️ Kings 🤴King is the most rare one here
💠 How can we apply for partnership?
Fill out this form :